Types of Logins

  • Various login details are given for the router. We are giving details for all so that you do not get confused which login details to use when. Read them out for better understanding of the logins.
  • Wifi network key or password: The product label contains a network name also called SSID and a password. This login detail is used for Wifi access.
  • ISP login: If you want to log into the Internet Service then you need this information. This detail is provided by your Internet Service Provider.
  • Router login: This information is needed when a user wants to log into the web interface of the router. You can see this information in the instructions guide, came up with the router.
  • To access and monitor your network router settings , you need to login to router login webpage , to access router login webpage in case of netgear routers you can use classic web address http://www.routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com, or you can use default ipaddresss of netgear router i.e ,in case of netgear modems you can use ip address .Default username is admin and password is password .

    In case of Linksys routers you can use classic web address myrouter.localor http://linksyssmartwifi.com in case of Linksys smart wifi routers. Default ip address in case of Linksys routers is . default username and password is admin in lower case

    In case of asusrouters , classic web address to access asus router login webpage is router.asus.com or you can use default ip address as , use default username and password as admin .

    In case of Dlinkrouters , classic web address for dlink router login is dlinkrouter.local or ip address ,default username is admin and leave password as blank

    In case of Tplinkwifirouters , classic web address for tp-link router login is tplinkwifi.net or tplinklogin.net .default ip address is , default username is admin and password is password.

    In case of Amped wireless routers , default web address for amped router login webpage is http://setup.ampedwireless.com and default ip address is .

    In case of Belkin wireless routers , you can use default ip address i.e or web address Belkin.setup .

    In case of wicomfi wireless routers , default ip address to access router login web address is or you can use default web address www.wicomfilogin.com .

    In case of Linksys routers, you can create a linksyssmartwifi.com account or myrouter.local account ,you can access your router settings even if you are not connected to home router wifi network, You can download dlinkcloud application or dlink cloud account to access dlink smart wifi settings

    In case of tp-link routers , you can download tp-link tether application ,to access or monitor tp-link router settings .


    Linksys routers are best known these days for there ultimate performance and coverage ,Linksys ea series routers work on dual band technology and support multi mimo technology ,GUI of Linksys smart wifi routers is very simple and convenient to use , you can create linksyssmartwifi account to access and monitor Linksys routers settings even if you are not connected to home Linksys router .to access Linksys smart wifi routers login webpage launch a web browser and type http://www.linksyssmartwifi.com or myrouter.local in address bar of your browser , alternatively you can use ip address

    If you get in trouble or want to know something about this router then feel free to contact our technicians. A live chat window is provided on the website so that you can easily contact with them. They are available 24/7.